Pursuant to Law 987 "Law of Amendments and Additions to Law 822, "Nicaraguan Tax Law" (hereinafter "Law 987"), which was published in the Official Gazette No 41, February 28, 2019, amended the prices of legal stationery, which includes Paper for Notary Book and Paper for Official Copy of Notary Book. The prices of the stationery paper prior the amendment were the following:

  • Paper for Notary Book: 15 cordobas
  • Paper for Official Copy of Notary Book: 10 cordobas

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the sixth Article of the Ordinal II "Transitional Provisions" of this Law establishes that the prices expressed in "Taxes for legal stationery", Article 240, numeral 13 of the amendment law would take effect until past October 1st, 2019. In the same sense, effective in the referred date, it was established that each page of legal stationery would have an electronic sealed layout.

The Tax Authority ("DGI" in Spanish), has notified through Resolution "AVISO/-129-/092019" that, since past October 1st, 2019 are effective the new prices for legal stationery established in the Law amendment, which are detailed as follows:

  • Paper for Notary Book: 10 cordobas
  • Paper for Official Copy of Notary Book: 15 cordobas

On the other hand, with regards to the issuance of legal stationery with electronic seal layout, the Tax Authority has only mentioned in the Resolution in matter that the current submission of legal stationery will persist valid, until the Tax Authority notifies the new electronic procedure.

However, through Invite number INVITACIN/-001-/09-2019 from Monday 30th, September 2019, the Tax Authority urges the Attorneys and ublic Notaries to participate in the trial process for the online purchase and issuance of legal stationery, intending the Tax Authority to improve and boost the sale of legal stationery, due to the their high demand.