Members of the Newspaper Guild of New York approved a measure to erase “paper” from the union’s moniker, a change that mirrors other Communications Workers of America affiliates’ adaptation to an evolving news­ gathering Business. The Guild will now be called the NewsGuild of New York.

A public opinion survey by Pew Research Center showed that Americans are divided in their views on the impact of the decline of unions in recent decades, but a strong majority of them support workers’ right to unionize. Asked whether the reduction has been “mostly good for the country” or “mostly bad,” 43 percent of survey respondents said mostly good, 45 percent said mostly bad, and the rest had mixed views or no opinion. Asked about the impact on working people, 52 percent saw it as mostly bad, and 40 percent, mostly good. The findings are based on telephone interviews conducted in March among a national sample of 1,500 Americans ages 18 and older.