On March 24, it was informed by China's State Intellectual Property Office that the “Patent Agency Management Rules (draft)” (hereinafter referred to as "draft") drafted by it, has been soliciting public comment since March 24.

According to the report,one of the main modifications of the "draft" is to abolish capital requirements for establishment of patent agency. At the same time, it modifies relevant provisions of standardizing the establishment of patent agency and the change of bibliographic items, and of strengthening the supervision of patent agency industry.

It is understood that the current "Patent Agency Management Rules" has been implemented since July 15, 2003. After careful investigation and on the basis of practical experience, the State Intellectual Property Office modifies and drafts the "Patent Agency Management Rules (draft)." It is reported that the public may feed back written comments and suggestions via e-mail, fax, letter, etc. to the Treaty and Law Department of State Intellectual Property Office before April 14, 2015.