A nurse who worked in an inpatient mental health unit has been found guilty of professional misconduct for his inappropriate relationship with a patient. The nurse began the relationship by leaving his number with the patient and suggesting she text him. He then visited the patient when in a different unit and suggested she call him or go out for coffee, texted her several more times and took her to McDonalds and the movies. The nurse also accessed the patient's files without clinical justification and gave the patient money for a haircut. The Tribunal found that the nurse's conduct was likely to bring discredit to the profession and that discipline was warranted. In terms of penalty, the Tribunal noted that the patient was especially vulnerable and that the conduct involved multiple ethical breaches. The Tribunal accepted that the behaviour did not reach the point of an intimate sexual relationship but stated "[f]riendship as between a nurse and a patient may in some circumstances be appropriate; but members of the nursing profession need to be constantly alert to the risk of friendship developing into a relationship of an inappropriate nature. That occurred in the present case…". After weighing up the aggravating and mitigating factors, the Tribunal ordered an 18 month period of intensive supervision, censured the nurse and ordered costs. The nurse's application for permanent name suppression was declined. Paul Shennan (426/Nur11/191P).