A district court rejected Chrysler’s argument that it was the independently franchised dealerships, rather than Chrysler, who made the allegedly false claims at issue in this False Claims Act case.  United States ex rel. Ceas v. Chrysler Grp. LLC[h1] No. 12-cv-02870 (N.D. Ill. Jan. 19, 2016).  The relator alleged that Chrysler, after selling vehicles to the government that were covered by a powertrain warranty, concealed from the government its obligation to provide parts and labor pursuit to the warranty and instead charged the government for repairs.  Chrysler moved to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that Plaintiff failed to identify any statements made by Chrysler to the government, but the court denied the motion based on Plaintiff’s allegations that prior to making repairs, a dealership checks with Chrysler to see if the repairs are covered under warranty.