One of a business’s greatest concerns with data storage and backup is security, that is, how can you make sure your data is safe both internally and externally if using cloud solutions? Many businesses do not use cloud based solutions because of the perceived security risks. 

The irony is that - aside from high profile case such as the loss of details of 100m Sony users by hackers - nearly all data breaches result from the loss or theft of physical storage devices, such as laptops or USBs, or from a malicious hack into a server. So the view of many experts within the industry is that storing your data in the cloud is as safe, if not safer, than most in house IT solutions.

Taking proper precautions against data loss is vital to ensure it does not happen in the first place.  And you should have a sensible dialogue with your cloud provider about the options available to you - cloud providers are often willing to discuss who should be responsible for data loss.  Remember, you get what you pay for and you should be factor in security and backups as part of your cloud solution.

Also, you should consider insuring your data.  Specialist insurers now provide cover for the technology sector and within this they will give cover for corrupted and lost data from a cloud solution, including if the cloud host/provider is responsible.  This means that, even if the contract with your cloud provider excludes liability, you may be able to turn to your insurance provider.

You can add this cover to a whole range of cover including breach of contract for such things as failure to deliver on time, failure of product, misrepresentation including over-selling, lack of resources, late delivery or lack of technical capability. Also included is infringement of intellectual property rights - that is, copyright, trade marks, patents and designs, breach of confidentiality & invasion of privacy and any other personal information protected by law as well as defamation (of any individual or commercial enterprise) and product disparagement. The cover provided is all embracing and therefore gives peace of mind as well as taking care of any of those grey areas of concern.

This blog was wrttien by Geoff Stanbridge, Account Manager from Nsure.