The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) has taken a soft approach in its first enforcement action relating to the laws against anti-competitive behavior. It has issued what it has termed a “proposed decision” against the Cameron Highlands Floriculturist Association (CHFA) for breaching the provisions of the 2010 Competition Act, which prohibit horizontal price-fixing. In its statement issued Oct. 24, 2012, MyCC said CHFA, whose president had publicly announced that the association’s members had agreed to increase flower prices by 10 percent, should stop fixing the price of flowers and provide an undertaking that its members will refrain from any anticompetitive practices. MyCC has asked CHFA to issue a public statement on its remedial actions in the mainstream newspapers. In response to criticism that the approach taken was insufficient, MyCC’s chief executive officer explained that as it was the first year of enforcement the authority’s approach to enforcement would be one of advocacy to ensure compliance and, where infringements were found, the authorities would impose remedial measures instead of fines. The press release from the MyCC can be found here.