The Swedish government has assigned an Import VAT Inquiry (Fi 2011:13) into possibilities of simplifying the arrangements under which businesses pay VAT on the importation of goods. A special investigator will investigate and make proposed amendments to simplify the current regulations related to import VAT. By doing so, it is aimed for the import VAT to be accounted for in the VAT return instead of in the customs declaration. Such a change would mean that the import and introduction of goods from another EU country will have a more uniform handling and accounting of the VAT.

The inquiry will also determine up to what extent the current rules can be changed to reduce negative liquidity effect on businesses. Amongst the options being considered is the introduction of a postponed accounting of import VAT. Under postponed accounting, importers do not have to pay import VAT to the Swedish Customs at the time the imported goods are released for free circulation. The import VAT is instead to be accounted for in the VAT return for the reporting period in which the goods are imported. A postponed accounting will have the advantage that importers do not have to finance the import VAT. The import VAT is instead declared and deducted in the same VAT return.

The investigator will analyse and recognise the effects and assess the suitability of the various proposals from both a business and an economic perspective.

The inquiry should be completed no later than 15 January 2013.