This bill allows those with a degree from an accredited architectural program to ‎become registered as an interior designer.‎

What are the important changes in the bill?‎

The passage of this bill allows those who have or will obtain a degree from an ‎accredited architectural program to become a licensed interior designer in the state of ‎Nevada, following the successful completion of an interior designer application.‎

Who does this change affect?‎

This change affects all current registered architects and students graduating from an ‎accredited architectural program. ‎

When does this bill go into effect?‎

The bill becomes effective October 1, 2013.‎

Why is this important?‎

For the past 25 years, the state of Nevada imposed requirements that made it difficult ‎for a student graduating from an accredited architectural program or a registered ‎architect to become a licensed interior designer. A registered architect wishing to be a ‎licensed interior designer required those individuals to seek additional schooling to ‎fulfill the necessary requirements. The changes to AB434 makes it possible for ‎architects to become registered interior designers without completing more ‎coursework. ‎

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