As reported in our news item of 21 June 2011, UKBA has launched a consultation into employment-related settlement, tier 5 and overseas domestic workers.

The consultation focuses on breaking the link between those coming to work and those settling in the UK permanently. The closing date for submissions is 9 September 2011. Further details can be found in our full news item. Please click here.

As part of the consultation, the Migrant Advisory Committee (MAC) has been commissioned by the Government to consider and provide advice on the following questions:

  • what would be the economic effects of restricting or removing settlement rights in tiers 1 and 2 and/or restricting leave to a maximum of 5 years?
  • if settlement were to be restricted:
    • which economic criteria could be used to identify the most economically important tier 2 migrants for settlement?
    • would there be merit in making allowances for specific skills or occupations as part of the assessment criteria, based on factors including strategic economic importance, provision of key public services, and ensuring that the UK attracts the top global talent?

Penningtons Solicitors LLP will be providing a response to the MAC consultation and would like to incorporate your views on the proposals. The deadline for submission of the responses to the MAC is 31 August 2011. If you have any evidence that you would like us to include please forward these to us as soon as possible. Alternatively, please forward your response directly to the MAC.

The MAC's letter and call for evidence can be accessed by clicking here.