On 22 May 2014, the CFTC announced that it is reopening comment periods for two previous proposals, the Position Limits Proposal and the Aggregation Proposal, for a three-week period starting 12 June 2014 and ending 3 July 2014. The CFTC specifically asked market participants to comment on the following issues: hedges of a physical commodity by a commercial enterprise, including gross hedging, cross-commodity hedging, anticipatory hedging, and the process for obtaining a non-enumerated exemption; the setting of spot month limits in physical-delivery and cash-settled contracts and a conditional spot-month limit exemption; the setting of non-spot limits for wheat contracts; the aggregation exemption for certain ownership interests of greater than 50 percent in an owned entity; and aggregation based on substantially identical trading strategies.

The full text of the proposed rule is available at:

http://www.cftc.gov/ucm/groups/public/@newsroom/documents/file/federalregist er052214-a.pdf.