These notes cover The Equality Act 2010 and Charities, the Official Reviews of Charity Law and give an update on recent charity case law. Further details are as follows:

The Equality Act 2010 and Charities

  • The scope and operation of the equality legislation, and exemptions available to charities
  • The practical implications of the equality legislation for the trustees of established charities and for benefactors
  • Recent decisions, including Catholic Care v Charity Commission
  • Suggested answers to some topical questions

Official Reviews of Charity Law: The Review of the Charities Act 2006 and the PASC Review

  • Main recommendations
  • Areas of controversy
  • The Public Administration Select Committee's review
  • The Brethren issue
  • Recommendations
  • What happens next?
  • The effect of mergers on testamentary gifts to charities - Re Longman deceased, Berry v IBS-STL (UK) Ltd
  • Grant of permission to bring charity proceedings - Rai v Charity Commission for England & Wales
  • Invalid amendments to constitution and interference with trustees' discretion - Cifci v Erbil and Marwaha v Singh
  • Costs in charity proceedings - Hirani v Hiran

Please click here to download the notes by Robert Pearce QC, Francesca Quint and Joshua Winfield.