A business coalition and many of its members continues to work for passage of a permanent bipartisan legislation solution for Dreamers living, working, and contributing to our economy. https://www.coalitionfortheamericandream.us/. More than 100 CEOs of businesses from across the industry spectrum and across the United States are represented in this effort.

The economics of DACA to the U.S. economy have been well-documented, most recently by the American Action Forum. The findings are below:

  • New AAF research finds that DACA recipients contribute, on net, roughly $3.4 billion annually to the federal balance sheet.
  • Previous AAF research found that DACA recipients currently contribute nearly $42 billion to the annual U.S. GDP, with an average economic contribution of $109,00 per worker.
  • Previous AAF research further found that physically removing all DACA recipients would cost between $7 billion and $21 billion and reduce U.S. GDP by 0.4 percent.

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Business immigration issues are at the forefront of matters before the U.S. Congress.