This week, a broad cross-section of industry announced the formation of the Coalition for Responsible Cybersecurity, aimed at preventing the adoption of a rule recently proposed by the Commerce Department for certain exports related to intrusion software and IP surveillance systems.  The Coalition includes, among others, Symantec, Ionic Security, FireEye, Synack, Global Velocity, and WhiteHat.  According to the Coalition, the broad language in the rule sweeps in vast amounts of legitimate and beneficial cybersecurity research and tools, while doing little to prevent illicit hacking and intrusions.  The Coalition warns that if the proposed rule were adopted it would put the U.S. cybersecurity industry at risk, hurt cybersecurity research and collaboration, and constrain the availability of important cybersecurity tools.  The proposed rules would require export licenses for all exports of controlled cybersecurity items, including for intracompany transfers and for sharing controlled information with foreign nationals within the United States.