Imam v General Dental Council

(2011) QBD (admin) (2 November 2011)

The Administrative Court has upheld a decision by the General Dental Council (GDC) to strike S from the register where S's denial of the allegations showed a lack of remorse and insight.

A Professional Conduct Committee of the GDC found that S had (i) made unsolicited telephone calls and sexual advances to his patient Y (ii) falsely told Y that emergency treatment was not available to her free of charge (iii) said he would reduce the cost of the treatment if Y spent time with him; and (iv) offered Y a refund for the treatment in return for her withdrawing her complaint against him.

S appealed against the decision to remove him from the register, arguing that the Committee had only had regard to the fact that he had disputed S's allegations, and had not considered the risk of such conduct recurring.

The court found that S's denial of Y's allegations showed a lack of remorse and insight and, in view of S's actions, the Committee had been entitled to strike him off.