Timothy Massad, Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, told an audience at the 31st FIA Futures and Options Expo in Chicago last week that the CFTC will soon issue proposals to better refine what information should be reported to swap data repositories and how it should be reported. According to Mr. Massad, there is currently a lack of standardization in how many fields of data are reported, how information is reported to SDRs and how SDRs report information to the CFTC. Mr. Massad also suggested that, sometime next year, the CFTC would make a proposal to empower SDRs to validate the completeness and accuracy of swap data it receives, and hold SDRs accountable “for the manner in which they collect, compile and report the data they receive.” Mr. Massad also indicated that CFTC staff will  recommend that the Commission eliminate its Index Investment Data report and that dealers and traders no longer be required to provide data for this report.