​IIROC's new corporate bond information web site went live on July 6, 2016. You can access the web site here. The web site is a tool that IIROC designed to assist market participants to make more informed corporate bond trading and investment decisions. Investors can:

  • Check a day's trading activity on a given bond;
  • Sort trades done by retail and/or institutional clients; and
  • View up to three months of historical trading activity on a given bond.

The sources for this data are individual trades reported by IIROC dealer members, as per IIROC's Debt Trade Reporting Rule 2800C.

This service is being implemented in two phases. In the first, all retail trades will be reported; institutional trades will be reported on a designated subset of liquid bonds; and trade information will be published two days after execution. In the second (commencing July 1, 2017), all retail and institutional trades are reported for the same set of bonds.

This corporate bond information website is the result of IIROC being chosen by the Canadian Securities Administrators ("CSA") as the Information Processor for corporate debt securities. For more information, see IIROC's News Release and CSA Staff Notice 21-317.