NAO: English devolution deals: this report finds that there are significant accountability implications arising from the devolution deals which central government and local areas will need to develop and clarify, such as the details of how and when powers will be transferred to mayors and how they will be balanced against national parliamentary accountability. The deals agreed so far involve increasingly complex administrative and governance configurations. And as devolution deals are new and experimental, good management and accountability both depend on appropriate and proportionate measures to understand their impact. It recommends that to improve the chances of success, and provide local areas and the public with greater clarity over the progression of devolution deals, central government should clarify the core purposes of devolution deals as well as who will be responsible and accountable for devolved services and functions, and should ensure it identifies and takes account of risks to devolution deals that arise from ongoing challenges to the financial sustainability of local public services. (20 April 2016)

DCLG: Single Pot assurance framework – National guidance: guidance for local authorities writing local assurance frameworks where a Single Pot has been agreed as part of a Devolution Deal with government. The Government is asking places in receipt of Single Pot funding to write a local Single Pot assurance framework, which DCLG will sign off before 2016-17 funding allocations of investment funds, and 2017-18 onward allocations of other funding streams, are paid. The assurance framework explains how they will appraise, monitor and evaluate schemes to achieve value for money. This document sets out HM Government’s guidance for localities writing local Single Pot assurance frameworks. (13 April 2016)