On 1 August 2014, EIOPA published an updated version of 'The Way Forward' – the document setting out the objectives and proposed initiatives of the EU/US Dialogue Project.  The Project was established to promote understanding and cooperation between the EU and US in relation to insurance. The Project's headline objectives remain the same. However, the steps it intends to take to achieve those objectives have been updated to reflect the Project's progress over the last number of years and to take account of recent developments in the EU and US.  For example, a number of new initiatives have been introduced, including an intention to consider (by the end of 2014) the merits of an additional trans-Atlantic bilateral agreement to further facilitate the exchange of confidential information through a covered agreement or other mechanisms. Separately, EIOPA has announced that a public event on the topic of group supervision will be organised by the Project for 25 October 2014 in Amsterdam.