The Competition Bureau sought comment on new draft guidelines entitled Environmental Claims – a Guide for Industry and Advertisers. The new guide is a collaborative effort by the Competition Bureau and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to revise an existing CSA document on environmental labeling (ISO 14021 Essentials). The new guide will also provide the advertising industry with explanations on how to apply CSA’s National Standard of Canada on environmental labels and declarations (CAN/CSA-ISO 14021-00) and how to comply with the laws administered by the Competition Bureau, namely the Competition Act. The draft guide discourages the use of unsubstantiated and vague claims and gives guidance on the proper use of certain common environmental claims such as “biodegradable”, “recyclable”, “compostable”, “recycled”, “recycled content”, “recovered energy”, “reduced water consumption” and “reduced energy consumption”. The draft guide also covers comparative environmental claims and the use of symbols including the Mobius loop.