U.S. Embassy officials in China have announced that they will implement a new visa fee collection system as of March 14, 2013 for all US visa issuing posts in China. The implementation of the new system will nullify all U.S. Visa Fee Receipts that have been purchased and remain unused as of March 14, 2013 as they will no longer be accepted nor will refunds be offered.

It is advised that all current CITIC Visa Fee Receipts are used before their expiration on March 14, 2013. Visa applicants with plans on attending a visa application appointment in China on or after March 14th, should wait to pay the required fees until the new system has been implemented to avoid any issues.

This change signals that the U.S. Mission in China may be preparing to implement the same, new user interface system that has recently been adopted by various U.S. Embassies and Consulates across the globe. The  new system is expected to be gradually implemented for all US missions abroad. It will allow applicants from all over the world to utilize a single online source to pay all applicable fees, complete Form DS-160, and schedule their visa application appointments.