You’ve probably seen those multi-participant bicycles with a bar in the middle traveling around in various cities .  They are powered by people who are pedaling as fast as they can while enjoying a beer or a cocktail.  We sort of have them in Las Vegas — as a great way to travel around and try out different taverns and clubs, especially in downtown Las Vegas.  But, you won’t see drinks actually being served on the mobile bikes in Sin City.

In Las Vegas, liquor licenses are issued to establishments or fixed places of business, so one could not be issued to a moving bar without any real physical premises.  Also, there is no ordinance in the City of Las Vegas or Clark County (actually, the jurisdiction where most of the resort Strip is located) that permits this type of mobile alcohol service and consumption, unless it is somehow part of an authorized, limited special event.   Although this restriction is probably better for easing traffic on the Strip, these pedaling devices are still a nice and fun way to sample some of the local bars while burning a few calories!