On 5 April, 2016, ESMA published its final report containing final draft amending regulatory technical standards regarding requirements for regulator access to Trade Repositories data and the subsequent aggregation and comparison of that data. The European Market Infrastructure Regulation requires ESMA to develop draft technical standards specifying the frequency and the details of the information to be made available to regulators by TRs. TRs are to provide regulators with access as required. ESMA has amended the RTS, first published in 2013, to provide regulators with better access to data and to improve their ability to compare and aggregate data. For the exchange of data between TRs and regulators, ESMA has proposed an XML template based on ISO 20022 methodology. ISO 20022 is a universal message scheme for the financial services industry. This methodology can be used to facilitate aggregation and comparison of data across repositories. The amended RTS also defines the minimum operational standards to allow direct and immediate access to TR data and the aggregation and comparison of data across TRs. The amended RTS sets out definitive timelines for the provision of data to regulators. ESMA expects that this will enable regulators to better plan and schedule their internal processes for gathering and analysis of TR data. The RTS provides minimum standards for secure machine to machine connection and data exchange between TRs and regulators. In particular, ESMA has proposed enhanced procedures for data security, including the use of electronic signatures and data encryption protocols when providing regulators access to TR data. ESMA’s proposed amendments to operation standards on data access also require TRs to validate in a timely manner requests from regulators. ESMA has submitted the additional final draft RTS to the European Commission for endorsement.

The final report is available at: https://www.esma.europa.eu/sites/default/files/library/2016- 422_final_report_rts_on_tr_data_under_art.81_emir.pdf