In January 2018, the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) published patent statistics of 2017.

China's patent application volume for invention in 2017 was 1,382,000, up 14.2 % over last year, and around 740,000 applications were concluded, the circle of substantial examination ( from the date of request for substantial examination to the date of grant) is stable in about 22 months. The number of patent applications for utility model and design was 1,688,000 and 629,000 respectively.

In 2017, 51,000 PCT international patent applications were accepted by SIPO, increased by 12.5 %, 48,000 among which came from Chinese applicants, increased by 12.5%. 44 domestic enterprises filed more than 100 PCT international patent applications. Guang Dong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, Shenzhen DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. grew rapidly by 142.3 % and 46.9 % year on year increase.

In 2017, the patent reexamination board accepted 34,123 requests for reexamination, up 160%; and accepted 4,565 requests for invalidation, up 15%. 

The average examination cycle of reexamination cases in 2017 was 9.3 months, 2.6 months less than 2016. The average examination cycle for invalidation cases was 5.2 months, 0.1 month increase compared with 2016.

In terms of patent protection and operation, the latest investigation data in 2017 indicated that the proportion of patentee who have taken actions to fight against infringement reached 73.3%, a significant increase of 10.5% over 2016. There is also an obvious increase in the amount of infringement compensation. The proportion of cases which have more than 1 million Yuan of compensation reached 10.7 %, much higher than 1.7 % in 2016.