The EU leaders are meeting today without the UK to discuss ways to regain trust in the EU. European Council President, Donald Tusk, has called on EU leaders to take a "sober and brutally honest" look at the bloc's problems, in the wake of Brexit. Mr Tusk called on EU leaders to assure citizens that they had "learned the lessons from Brexit", and that they were are able to "bring back stability and a sense of security". However, the Member States are deeply divided and Angela Merkel is reported to have said that “Europe is not at all in a good state” and that its survival is becoming a question of war and peace, warning of “nationalism, egoism and tendencies toward radicalization that are hindering or even torpedoing joint European action.” French President Francois Hollande has also said that the EU may well be facing “the crisis threatening its very existence.” Although Brexit is not on the agenda and Theresa May is not attending the summit, there appears to be little doubt that it will overshadow the meeting.