Under existing law, California employers are required to provide employees with accurate itemized wage statements that contain nine enumerated categories of information identified in Labor Code Section 226.

Under Assembly Bill 1744, California temporary service employers (except licensed companies that solely provide security services) must include in the itemized wage statements the rate of pay and total hours worked for each temporary services assignment. While we advise that temporary service employers update their policies immediately to ensure compliance with this legislation, all employers are required to bring their policies into compliance by July 1, 2013, when the new legislation officially takes effect.

Currently, under Labor Code Section 2810.5, employers are also required to provide employees at the time of hiring, or within seven days of any changes, with a Wage Theft Prevention Act Notice, which identifies various categories of information including, by way of example, the employees' rate of pay, the name of the employer (including any "doing business as" names), the employer's address and the regular payday. Assembly Bill 1744 also amended Labor Code Section 2810.5 to require that temporary service employers disclose additional information in their Wage Theft Prevention Act Notice, including the name, physical address and phone number of the legal entity for whom the employee will perform work.