Following on from the introduction of fit notes the Government has announced that a joint review sponsored by DWP and BIS of sickness absence in the UK is to take place. This is to be led by Dame Carol Black (who’s report Working For A Healthier Tomorrow) led to the introduction of fit notes and David Frost, the Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce so I would expect that any recommendations are likely to be employer friendly.

According to the BIS website (Sickness absence system to be reviewed) the report will:-

  • Explore how the current sickness absence system could be changed to help people stay in work, reduce and share costs for the taxpayer and businesses, and contribute to economic growth.
  • Examine whether the balance of these costs are appropriately shared between individuals, employers and the State.
  • Make tangible recommendations for change.
  • Ensure that recommendations for change are consistent with promoting private-sector growth and minimising burdens on business - in particular small and medium-sized businesses.

The conclusions are expected to be published later this year.

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