On the 25 June 2013 the Central Bank published updated statistics on the domestic Irish banking system's claims on the rest of the world. These consolidated banking statistics detail the claims of the domestic banks on non-residents by counterparts country and sector on an ultimate risk-basis i.e. according to the country and sector where the ultimate guarantor of the risk resides. The dataset used is similar in methodology to the Consolidated Banking Statistics published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), but differs in coverage, as it refers only to the domestic Irish banks. At end-March 2013 the domestic banks had foreign claims of €106 billion, reflecting a decrease of €7 billion over the quarter. The decrease was driven by a decline in claims on foreign private sectors, which fell by €5.3 billion (6%) over the quarter. The domestic banks' claims on foreign credit institutions also fell during the final quarter of the year, by €2.0 billion (16%) while claims on public sectors increased by €346 billion (2.8 %) over the quarter.