Commercial Real Estate Women Network, or CREW, is an organization that supports women’s advancement in the commercial real estate industry. CREW has been conducting research and developing industry white papers since 2007 to promote diversity in the real estate industry. The latest white paper, Diversity: The Business Advantage – Best Practices for Gender Equity and Inclusion in Commercial Real Estate (2017), is a great compilation of research and case studies that demonstrate why it is important to promote and maintain diversity in the workplace.

One case study is the construction firm Bozzuto Group, a company that has developed, acquired, and built more than 42,000 homes and apartments in the United States. The company unwaveringly supports women and minorities, and its organization includes almost an equal divide between men and women, which is quite unusual for the development industry. Three lessons learned from Toby Bozzuto (Chairman of the Bozzuto Group):

  1. Real life examples in action and leadership versus just words helps to see women within the organization see real options ahead of them.
  2. A diverse workplace allows a company to be more reflective of its customer base and allow for a deeper and richer thought process to push the company forward.
  3. Amazing women who love what they do will talk about what they do, which in turn causes other amazing women to become interested in working there – “success begets success.”

Click here to read more about best practices for gender equity and inclusion and how these practices can further your company’s success in the construction and real estate industry. The article referred to in this post can be found starting on page 17.