Consultation by TenneT on the legal framework regarding the offshore electricity grid

On its website, TenneT has published three draft regulations in respect of the development of the offshore electricity grid through which future offshore wind farms will be connected to the existing onshore grid. Please see this link for the presentation by TenneT in which the following, partly rudimentary, draft regulations were described:

  1. Offshore Grid Code;
  2. Model Offshore Connection & Transmission Agreement (CTA); and
  3. Model Offshore Realisation Agreement (REA).

The CTA and the RTA are agreements between TenneT and the connected party regarding (i) the (conditions for) connection to and use of the offshore grid and (ii) the realisation and timing of such connection, respectively.

Parties are invited to provide TenneT with feedback on the aforementioned drafts until 15 May 2015. Feedback may be given by using this template.

As part of the various developments regarding the offshore grid and offshore wind in general, TenneT publishes regular updates on its website. In this respect, please be referred to this link.