The National Interprofessional Agreement on the Stabilisation of Employment dated 11 January 2013 introduces numerous changes aiming more flexibility at work: possibility to negotiate agreements for maintaining employment without social plan under certain conditions, relaxing rules for internal mobility initiated by the employer, new provisions for voluntary mobility outside the company, and new modalities for the economic dismissal procedure. It also gives more rights to the employees: in particular, information/consultation of staff representative bodies and a minimum time of 24 hours per week for part-time positions, subject to some exceptions.

As far as litigation is regarded, lump sums have been fixed according to the seniority of the employee in order to compensate damage caused by the employment contract's termination and would apply at the conciliation stage (first step of the proceedings before the Labour Court). Limitation periods for claims related to performance and termination of contracts are reduced from 5 years to 2 years. They are reduced to 3 years regarding salary claims.

The said Agreement will be implemented after the enforcement of all legislative and regulatory provisions necessary to its application. A bill is currently prepared. If Government's wishes apply, it should be presented to the Council of Ministers in the first half of March, examined through urgent procedure at the Parliament and enacted at the end of May 2013 at the earliest. Some matters also have to be negotiated within the professional branch or within the company.