On February 9, 2009, we reported on a Louisiana appellate court holding that the Louisiana Safety Association of Timbermen Self-Insurers Fund (the “Fund”) was entitled to coverage because the Fund was not an insurer and the excess coverage obtained by the Fund from Reliance Indemnity Company, which became insolvent in 2001, was not reinsurance. In this case, the Supreme Court of Louisiana reversed the judgment of the appellate court. First, the court held that the Fund was an insurer based on the court’s interpretation of state statutes and the Fund’s formative documents, which undertook to indemnify members for the full amount of workers’ compensation claims, which members paid premiums and assessments to the Fund for that purpose. Second, in finding that the excess coverage was reinsurance, the court determined that the contractual relationship between the Fund and the insolvent insurer presented a classic instance of reinsurance. Louisiana Safety Assoc. of Timbermen Self-Insurers Fund v. Louisiana Ins. Guaranty Assoc., Case No. 2009-0023 (La. June 26, 2009).