Following calls for greater clarity in vlog advertising, the Committee of Advertising Practice has produced advertising rules to ensure that when a vlogger is paid to promote a product or service this is clearly conveyed in the vlog.

Following a ruling last year by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) several vlogs were found to be misleading because they did not make it clear to consumers that they were ads.

The main areas covered in the guidance relate to:

  • Online marketing by a brand
  • “Advertorial” vlogs
  • Commercial breaks within vlogs
  • Product placement
  • Vlogger’s videos about their own products
  • Editorial videos referring to a vlogger’s products
  • Sponsorship
  • Free items

For further information on the guidance click here.

Shahriar Coupal, Director of the Committee of Advertising Practice, said: “Wherever ads appear we should be confident we can trust what an advertiser says; it’s simply not fair if we’re being advertised to and are not made aware of that fact. Our guidance will give vloggers greater confidence that they’re sticking to the rules which in turn will help maintain the relationship and trust they’ve built with their followers.”

The Committee of Advertising Practice and the ASA are also reminding brands and agencies (be they advertising, digital or PR) looking to partner with vloggers of the need to be transparent. Those requesting vloggers to promote a product or service (without conveying it as such) may be in breach of the advertising rules and potentially the law.