BERR has signalled its intention to consult on a new ‘champion’ role for the construction industry. The BERR press release states that details of the potential terms and scope of the role will be confirmed following engagement with both industry and public sector, but duties could include:

  •  Working with OGC and other organisations to promote best practice in construction procurement;
  •  Acting as the main point of engagement between Government and industry;
  •  Helping to oversee the implementation of Government policy, such as the Strategy for Sustainable Construction;
  •  Championing the industry’s image;
  •  Promoting regulatory consistency across departments;
  •  Helping to co-ordinate the timing of major public sector construction programmes or projects; and
  •  Promoting innovation in the industry.

This is part of BERR’s response to the Business and Enterprise Committee report, ‘Construction Matters’, published on 16 July 2008, which recommended amongst other matters, the creation of a new post within Government of ‘Chief Construction Officer.

Government announces support for new Construction Officer