On 29 September 2015 the GSE has published on its website some “clarifications on the application of Resolution 595/2014/R/eel for adjusting the metering service of electricity produced by PV incentivized plants in so-called “total sale” regime”.

In particular, the GSE has informed Operators that from 1st January 2016, the incentives to plants powered by renewable sources, including solar, will be provided exclusively on the basis of measurement data transmitted by the network operator, as provided for by Resolution 595 / 2014 / R / eel of the AEEG.

GSE will rely, therefore, to the electricity measured at the point of connection to the national grid, sent into remote reading  (“telelettura”) to the competent grid operator (Enel, Terna, Hera, et c.) for the calculation of the incentives due to energy producers.

GSE has clarified, however, that (i) plants admitted to first, second, third and fourth Conto Energia and (ii) plants fueled by renewable sources encouraged by the Orders of 24 October 2005 and 18 December 2008, which meet all of the following three conditions :

  1. operate under total sale;
  2. do not have a second connection point to the grid to power the auxiliary services;
  3. do not share the point of connection with other production facilities;

shall not install additional measuring equipment – unless otherwise required by the relevant regulations – to detect the electricity produced from encouraging, as the electricity measured at the point of connection to the network can be considered comparable to that produced (Art. 3, paragraph 1 of Appendix A of Resolution 595 2014 / R / eel).

In this case, the net production to be incentivized will be calculated by the GSE from the measurement data of the electricity fed into the grid detected and transmitted by the competent grid operator. The methods of calculation of net production to be incentivized, however, are not yet clear, given that theoretically there should be nothing to calculate, but only to be measured, since the entire production of electricity fed into the grid should be incentivized, pursuant to the law, as it is detected and transmitted by the competent grid operator . Hopefully the calculation referred to by the GSE, it refers to the structural losses of energy produced prior to arrival of the energy at the point of measurement , but operators are still waiting for a confirmation to that extent by the GSE .

In any case, operators have always the right to install a new measuring equipment to detect the electricity produced to be incentivized, provided that such measurement, which has to be communicated to the GSE by the competent grid operator, be functional to the provision of feed in tariffs. Such possibility is of fundamental importance for those producers who also operate in the regime of self-consumption, or which present relevant energy losses between the “Pool” and the “Feeds in” meters, because between the two measurement there  could be significant discrepancies.

In the event that an operators needs to install new meters, such modification must necessarily be communicated to the GSE, with proper documentation to represent the new layout of the plant.