CME Group settled multiple actions last week charging violations of rules prohibiting money passes, disruptive trading, wash trades and position limit violations. In four cases, traders were charged by CME Group exchanges with engaging in trading activities involving futures contracts to move money from one account to another. In one disciplinary action, the New York Mercantile Exchange agreed to settle charges against Chih-Lin Huang for an unauthorized transfer of funds from an account of his employer to two accounts he controlled through multiple round-turn transactions on three days during March and April 2014. To resolve this matter, Mr. Huang agreed not to access CME Group markets for trading for one year. In another disciplinary action, the Commodity Exchange, Inc. agreed to settle charges against Peter Birch for engaging in round-turn transactions involving 770 contracts between two accounts he owned on two days in December 2013. He did this, claimed the COMEX BCC, in order to transfer over US $110,000 between the two accounts. Mr. Birch settled this matter by agreeing to pay a fine of US $35,000 and agreeing to a five-business day CME Group trading ban. In two other disciplinary actions, two traders – Hua Dong and Yongwu Shao – were charged with executing multiple round-turn transactions between accounts they controlled with another account in order to transfer funds, and for letting another unidentified individual enter orders into Globex using their trading identifiers (so-called “Tag 50s”). Mr. Dong agreed to pay a fine of US $10,000 and be suspended from trading CME Group products for six months, while Mr. Shao agreed to pay a fine of $20,000 and be prohibited from trading CME Group products for 10 business days. Separately, Bruno Cordeiro agreed to a fine of US $50,000 and a 10-business day CME Group trading prohibition for engaging in disruptive trading activity on NYMEX from January 2013 through February 2014; BBL Commodities LP agreed to a fine of US $25,000 and disgorgement of US $195,380 for violating NYMEX spot month position limits on three days; and Wang Liangwu and his employer, Huikon Capital Inc., agreed to be fined, collectively, US $55,000 and Mr. Liangwu agreed to a five-business day trading suspension for entering into a series of wash trades on NYMEX on two days in March 2014.