Decree-Law No. 74/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 107, Series I of 2013-06-04

Providing for the establishment of a regulatory mechanism aimed at ensuring competition balance in the wholesale electricity market in Portugal and proper sharing of general economic interest costs.

Law No. 35/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 111, Series I of 2013-06-11

Amending for the second time Law No. 88-A/97 of 25 July, regulating the taking up of certain economic activities by the private economic activity.

Decree-Law No. 80/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 112, Series I of 2013-06-12

Approving the process of direct or indirect sale or transfer of the share capital of the companies Fidelidade – Companhia de Seguros, S.A., Multicare - Seguros de Saúde, S. A. and Cares – Companhia de Seguros, S.A.

Decree-Law No. 82/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 114, Series I of 2013-06-17

Introducing a set of investment incentive measures, making use of the legislative authorisation granted under Law No. 66-B/2012 of 31 December.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 40/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 115, Series I of 2013-06-18

Determining the dismissal of public managers, the termination of the appointment in lieu of a member of a public institute and the termination of administration or managerial posts in the financial area of persons involved in the conclusion of contracts of derivative financial instrument of a clearly speculative nature or contractually unbalanced.