Soft drinks in the spotlight: Food pressure group Sustain has published a survey showing high sugar levels in Café Hot drinks. View >  The group has also claimed that a 10p levy by restaurant chains on sugary soft drinks will be used to fund water fountains in public places. View >  The FDF has responded to an apparent suggestion by the LGA that soft drinks should carry ‘spoon full of sugar' labels. View >

Departmental plans published: The Cabinet office has published single plans by 17 Government departments (including their agencies and other bodies for which they are responsible) setting out how they will meet manifesto commitments up to 2020. View >

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015: BIS has published a detailed guide to the company law requirements and timetable for them coming into force. View >

Report on Financial advisors: The Financial Conduct Authority has reported the outcome of a review of diligence around the suitability of advice issued, and made recommendations to providers to tighten controls. View > View >