On 15 July 2013 the Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, opened consultation on the proposed redevelopment of the Government Precinct in Brisbane’s Central Business District.

The media release follows recent interest and speculation regarding the existing Treasury Casino which is planned for extensive upgrades, including possibly relocating from the existing treasury building.

In his statement, the Minister noted that “The Queensland Government is seeking all ideas on how to breathe new life into the Government Precinct and I urge the people of Brisbane to have their say on reviving this tired end of the Central Business District.” He went on to say that no decisions had been made regarding the potential redevelopment outcomes and in particular the speculation regarding a casino.

Investigation Area

The Government Precinct Redevelopment Investigation Area includes the land bounded by:

  1. Reddacliff Place (Brisbane Square), including the Treasury Casino to the north;
  2. George Street to the east;
  3. the Brisbane River and adjacent Riverside Expressway to the west; and
  4. Alice Street to the south.

The Investigation Area incorporates the 1 William Street development (currently under construction) and identifies potential ‘wet leases’ along the Brisbane River corridor.

See the Investigation Area map.

The Old ‘Northbank’ Project

The redevelopment of this precinct is not a new phenomenon and has been discussed in various iterations over a number of years, including most recently as part of the Northbank project proposed under the previous Beattie and Bligh Governments.

Consultation Programme

It is understood that Expressions of Interest (EOIs) were set to be lodged by November this year and that the Government has aimed for a potential commercial outcome for this precinct by early 2015.

The consultation process includes an online survey and written submission form which specifically highlights questions regarding:

  1. Whether the precinct needs revitalisation;
  2. What should be developed in this precinct;
  3. What improvements should be made to the public realm areas;
  4. What leisure and entertainment activities should be provided;
  5. What should the precinct’s heritage buildings be used for;
  6. Whether a new casino is wanted within the precinct and if so, whether it should be a boutique casino targeted at international travellers and high roller patrons, an integrated resort casino that includes hotel, shops, entertainment venues and convention facilities or something else;
  7. What alternative uses could be accommodated in the existing treasury building should the casino be relocated.

Making a Submission

Further information is available from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDIP) website.

The public consultation period is scheduled to close on 2 September 2013.