Kennith Wayne Thrasher and Kennith Luke Thrasher, father and son, respectively, were the subject of a CFTC enforcement action over alleged violations of the spot month speculative position limit established by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for live cattle futures contracts. The violations were alleged to have occurred on 12 trading days in February 2013, and to have involved at least 190 to 390 contracts over the limit. According to the CFTC, the violative positions were maintained in accounts of two companies where the father owned limited partnership interests and had power of attorney to trade both companies' accounts. The son, during the relevant time, is alleged to have placed orders for both companies' accounts. The CFTC claimed the father and son “directly or indirectly controlled the trading” in both accounts, and thus the positions of the accounts had to be aggregated for purposes of applying the CME’s limits. Only on a combined basis did the accounts exceed the limits. To resolve this matter, the father and son agreed to pay a fine of US $525,000.