The PRC Trademark Law Implementation Regulations implemented on May 1, 2014 made adjustments of acceptance and review process of application for trademark registration, stating in Article 18: "In case that the application for trademark registration has complete procedures, the application documents are filled as required and the fees are paid, the Trademark Office shall accept the application and notify the applicant in writing; otherwise, the Trademark Office shall not accept, notifying the applicant in writing and explain the reasons. For the application with basically complete procedures or basically compliant documents, but requiring correction, the Trademark Office shall notify the applicant for corrections, requiring the correction shall be made in accordance with specified contents within 30 days from the date of receiving the notice and returned to the Trademark Office. The date of application is retained if the correction is made within the prescribed period and returned to the Trademark Office; if no correction is made upon expiration or the correction is not made as required, the Trademark Office shall reject and notify the applicant in writing”.

Before May 1, 2014, after reviewing the application documents for trademark registration, the Trademark Office would issue notice of acceptance to the application with complete procedures and documents filled as required; usually the time of issuance was a month or so from the date of receiving the application documents. After May 1, 2014, the Trademark Office made adjustment of the acceptance and review process of application for trademark registration in accordance with the revised Trademark Law Implementing Regulations, putting scanning, input, classification of graphic elements, trademark cards and goods and services, financial reconciliations and other forms of review before issuing the notice of acceptance. If the application needs to be corrected, corrections shall be made as required, and the financial reconciliation succeeds, the notice of acceptance can be issued. Therefore, the issuance of notice of acceptance will take more time than that before the implementation of New Trademark Law Implementing Regulations, and we hope the trademark applicants can understand.

It is hereby declared.