Failure Acquisitions booklet.

 The OCC announced the issuance of its “Failure Acquisitions” booklet, which sets forth the agency’s policies and procedures for national banks and federal savings associations looking to participate in the FDIC’s process for resolving a failing insured depository institution. (8/3/2017)

Agencies release Shared National Credit Program Review. 

In conjunction with the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, the OCC announced the release of the Shared National Credit Program Review, which found that risk in the portfolio of large syndicated bank loans declined slightly but remains elevated. (8/2/2017)

Federal Reserve Guidelines for banking entities seeking extension to conform certain seeding investments to Volcker Rule requirements. 

The Board announced its guidelinesfor banking entities seeking an extension to conform certain “seeding” investments in hedge funds or private equity funds to Volcker Rule requirements. (7/24/2017)