DEP Secretary Mike Krancer announced that that the Department has submitted technical guidance for single source determinations for oil and gas operations, also known as "air aggregation" determinations, to the Pennsylvania Bulletin for public comment. The public comment period will close Nov. 21.

Krancer said in a statement that the guidance deals with the process of determining whether two or more stationary air emissions sources should be aggregated together and treated as a "single source" when it comes to air permitting programs.

This guidance, which is subject to public review and comment, involves three sets of regulations: the federal Prevention of Significant Deterioration regulations, which the state incorporates and implements in their entirety; the Pennsylvania nonattainment New Source Review regulations; and the Title V permitting program.

"This takes a practical, common-sense and legally required approach to air aggregation issues," Krancer said in the statement. "DEP's state Air Quality program already regulates this industry."

New sources, including some natural gas processing operations, are required by state law to meet stringent air emissions control requirements, which prevent, reduce or control emissions with the use of the best available control techniques or equipment, Krancer said.

Krancer said that the program also regulates air emissions in the oil and gas industry via plan approvals along with both general and operating permits.