City of West Hollywood, Calif. releases RFP for citywide broadband infrastructure and services (response due 9/15) :: Link to RFP

City of Joplin, MO issues RFI seeking broadband partners for citywide open access fiber network :: KZRG :: Link to RFI

Update on City of Cleveland broadband RFP (response due 8/26) :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance :: Link to RFP

"Duluth, Minnesota Ponders A Major Bet On Open Access Fiber" :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Missouri:  "More than 1 million Missourians lack internet but the issue in Columbia is reliability" :: KQFX

Montana:  "Few eastern Montana projects in $258 million broadband proposal -- An initial project ranking would award more than half the grant money for broadband buildout to Charter Communications, drawing criticism from small telecom providers." :: Montana Free Press

"How Far Might Broadband Funding Go?" -- "[A]fter you factor in existing funding programs and private capital matches, there is plenty of money in BEAD to reach all of the unserved and reach far into the underserved. Maybe more interesting are the state-level stories. Due to dramatic differences in cost per location to bring new broadband, some states like Kansas will only be able to reach 10% of their un- and underserved, while many states with lower costs will be able to reach all their unserved and all their underserved." :: Mike's Newsletter

"Faster Internet Is Coming to America—as Soon as the Government Knows Where to Build It -- The $42 billion broadband plan is slowed by lack of accurate maps showing gaps in service" :: Wall Street Journal

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Georgia:  $240M in CPF funds available under new broadband grant program :: Georgia Office of the Governor :: Application information

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