Dairy Industry Restructuring Amendment Act 2012

This Act amends the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 (DIRA) to, among other things:

  • enshrine Fonterra's existing farm gate milk price governance and transparency processes in the DIRA; 
  • introduce a new farm gate milk price monitoring regime undertaken by the Commerce Commission;
  • amend the DIRA to enable Fonterra to launch a new share trading system known as Trading Among Farmers (TAF); and
  • provide guidance about how Fonterra must set its share price in the absence of TAF.

Social Security (Youth Support and Work Focus) Amendment Act 2012

This Act amends the Social Security Act 1964 to introduce a stronger work focus to some benefit categories.  The Act:

  • introduces a new system of income support for young people (the Youth Package), whereby the Ministry of Social Development can contract service providers to provide “wraparound support” to help disengaged young people into education, training, or employment;
  • significantly reforms support, obligations and services for 16-17 year olds and 16-18 year old parents; and
  • extends work availability expectations to a wider group of beneficiaries in the sole parent, widow, woman alone and spouse/partner of benefit recipient categories.

A further Bill to rename and consolidate the different benefits is expected later this year.