Ohio EPA has published for comment its draft air pollution oil and gas well site general permit (see here for copies of the terms and qualifying criteria documents).  It is intended to cover the equipment used during the production phase of a Marcellus or Utica/Point Pleasant shale well - drilling and completion activities are currently exempt (according to Ohio EPA).

Comments are due by November 28, 2011.

Note:  Ohio EPA has also notified producers making inquiries about air permits about an additional permitting option associated with Ohio's air pollution control program - stating, "Because Ohio EPA has only recently determined that an air permit is necessary and believes that the final general permit will be available before any case-by-case permit could be issued, Ohio EPA is exercising its discretion not to penalize a company for failing to obtain an air permit before installing an oil and gas well as long as the company applies for the general permit within thirty (30) days of the general permit becoming available."

They have asked for notification and even prepared a sample letter to use.  Nice.