A Gallup, Inc. opinion poll showed that: 53 percent of respondents approve of labor unions; 71 percent of respondents would vote for right-to-work or “open shop” legislation; 45 percent of respondents said they had not heard of right-to-work or “open shop” legislation; 20 percent of households surveyed had at least one union member; and 49 percent of respondents think labor unions will become weaker in the future; 21 percent think they will become stronger, and 25 percent foresee little change (the rest had no opinion).

The AFL-CIO launched a new advertising campaign—the “Koch sisters”—to draw contrast to the Koch brothers, who the union asserts are “right wing secretive billionaires who use their wealth to subvert democracy and enact a self-serving agenda at the expense of working families.” The campaign is intended to “expose the destructiveness of money in politics, generally, and the Koch brothers specifically.”