What does this cover?

The Argentine Data Protection Authority (the DNPDP) has issued a set of guidelines setting out data protection and privacy good practice in the development of apps for software developers (the Guidelines). The Guidelines have been produced in plain language and are intended to be accessible to those in the app development industry who may be unfamiliar with the principles of the Argentine Data Protection Law (the ADPL).

The Guidelines set out the basic principles of the  ADPL and contain guidance for ensuring personal data is adequately protected when software is being developed, highlighting the fact that the ADPL applies to software applications due to the ability of this technology to collect and process personal data. Attention is also drawn to the need for clear and visible privacy policies informing data subjects about how their personal data may be used.

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

Should financial services companies develop any apps for use in Argentina, they should ensure that they comply with the Guidelines.

Submitted by Nick O'Connell of Al Tamimi & Company – Dubai, UAE in partnership with DAC Beachcroft.