In a suit between a law firm and Citibank, the Eleventh Circuit reversed the district court’s denial of Citibank’s petition to compel arbitration despite its one-month delay in demanding arbitration. The Eleventh Circuit held that even assuming that Citibank “acted inconsistently with the arbitration right” by filing an answer that was silent on arbitration, the law firm did not provide adequate evidence that its research and filings prior to Citibank’s arbitration demand constituted sufficient prejudice to preclude arbitration. Although the law firm may have suffered some prejudice “when it expended time and resources preparing and filing an offer of judgment, reply, and notice of readiness for trial,” waiver was inappropriate because of the “brevity” of the one-month delay and because the law firm “could not point to any portion of the record that reveals either the amount of money it spent or the number of hours it dedicated to conducting litigation-specific discovery and preparing litigation-specific documents.” Citibank, N.A., v. Stok & Assocs., P.A., No. 09-13556 (11th Cir. July 20, 2010).