PRA tells insurers to anticipate Solvency II in capital issuance: PRA has updated its webpage on capital instruments pre-issuance notification, addressed to insurers. It reminds firms that they should anticipate the enhanced quality of capital under Solvency II when issuing or amending new instruments. (Source: Capital Instruments Pre-Issuance Notification

PRA publishes statement of strategy: PRA has published a brief statement setting out its aims for 2014/15 and announcing that, to align its reporting cycle to that of the wider BoE, PRA's Annual Report and its Business Plan will be published in the summer. At that time, it will also publish revised Approach Documents to its supervision of banks and insurers. (Source: PRA Statement of Strategy

PRA makes Handbook changes: PRA has made a Handbook instrument making various miscellaneous changes to its Handbook. (Source: PRA Makes Handbook Changes)